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This plugin provides native AWS instrumentation for monitoring and metrics collection, including: health and metrics for various AWS services, such as EC2, RDS, ELB, and more, as well as handlers for EC2, SES, and SNS. - sensu-plugins/sensu…

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MockFog | Infrastructure as Code (based on Ansible playbooks) - OpenFogStack/MockFog-IaC A library for creating machines and infrastructures idempotently in Chef. - chef-boneyard/chef-provisioning

Apr 23, 2018 Lock represents secure file upload from Rails apps to Amazon S3 Bucket gem 'fog'. to your Gemfile . It is a lower level API than Carrierwave, with proxying both download an upload process through Ruby servers. Imagine 

Puppet Cloudpack. Contribute to jloope/puppetlabs-cloud-provisioner development by creating an account on GitHub. Plugin for Vagrant for working with Amazon AWS. Contribute to mlinderm/vagrant-aws development by creating an account on GitHub. This is a fog computing framework consisting of fog node application, cloud application and user application. - Dongfeng-He/FogComputing The Ruby cloud services library. Contribute to fog/fog development by creating an account on GitHub. Fog driver for Chef Provisioning. Contribute to chef/chef-provisioning-fog development by creating an account on GitHub.

Feb 24, 2012 An Amazon Web Services account and something in S3 to fetch. Multi-part If there is no match or the local file is absent it will be downloaded.

Sensu Go AWS Plugins. Contribute to sensu/sensu-aws development by creating an account on GitHub. Chef cookbook for provisioning AWS resources on Chef instances. - srinivasmohan/onepower_aws Ruby Gem - Revert virtual machines easily via executable and config file - shadowbq/vmreverter wix. Contribute to fog1985/wix development by creating an account on GitHub. News, articles, and helpful tips for our products and interesting notes on various technologies. Web Net Chromium Web Browser Added 2018-01-23 web development,browser,developer tools Trends, solutions, and expert advice for storing, managing, and processing your business' data in the cloud.

If there's a metagem available for your cloud provider, e.g. fog-aws , you should be using it instead of requiring the full fog collection to avoid unnecessary 

Sep 2, 2017 Sometimes we need to upload files to server, we can use the “carrierwave” gem to help us. The fog-aws gem will help us to upload file to s3. Sep 4, 2012 glacier = vault = glacier.vaults.create :id the job (ie 3-4 hours), not how long it takes for you to download the file. You can get temporary signed URL for any S3 object by calling url_for by using the aws-sdk gem: s3 = :access_key_id => 1234,. Aug 28, 2019 Using String Interpolation worked for me, try this: doc = order.document. attachments["Order.pdf"] ="#{doc}"))  This works for the file storage as well as Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. CarrierWave will indicate invalid URLs and download failures automatically CarrierWave.configure do |config| config.fog_provider = 'fog/aws' # required  Mar 14, 2019 Using Ruby on Rails, Carrierwave, and Amazon S3, but getting a 403 solution over the past while to upload files and attach them to an active record. to S3; Create a Rails initializer to use the IAM User Keys and Fog/AWS  Oct 20, 2015 The [fog gem]( performs [path A valid download link (including the required signature) could be retrieved for